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This page will show you how to get involved with contributing to the development of jax-unirep.

Bug Reports

Bug reports are definitely welcome on the issue tracker! In filing a bug report, please produce a reproducible example. The standard for a reproducible example is that anyone with jax-unirep installed can copy/paste the code with no modifications into a Jupyter notebook (or other interpreter) and execute the code with no modifications. Doing this helps a ton with debugging and reduces maintainer friction in trying to help with debugging.

If we are able to hit the root of the problem, we might post a possible solution and encourage you to submit a pull request so that you can partake in open source software co-creation with us. It's fun, and we're really sure you'd like it too ;).


As maintainers of the package, we're inevitably going to have blind spots. If you find one, and think others would benefit from that blind spot being eliminated in the docs, please submit a pull request! All docs are housed in the docs/ directory, and are plain Markdown files, which should make editing easy, whether on GitHub or locally.

Feature Requests

Feature requests are always welcome to be posted on the issue tracker! That said, please temper your expectations, as jax-unirep development happens as and when the lead maintainers (Arkadij Kummer and Eric Ma) encounter needs in their day jobs. We welcome your pull requests, and are happy to guide you through the development process and work with you to get what you need into the library, but any requests for us to implement features will be prioritized according to what we encounter in our day jobs.

If you make in a pull request that gets accepted, we are more than happy to publicly acknowledge your contributions and by sending tons of positive vibes throughout the Twitterverse and our LinkedIn connections!