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Getting Started


Ensure that your compute environment allows you to run JAX code. (A modern Linux or macOS with a GLIBC>=2.23 is probably necessary.)

Then, install from PyPI:

pip install jax-unirep

On the roadmap is support for installation from PyPI and conda-forge.

Basic Usage

The core activity with using UniRep is to produce fixed-length representations of protein sequences. This is done by using the get_reps() function. You can "rep" a single sequence:

from jax_unirep import get_reps

sequence = "ASDFGHJKL"

# h_avg is the canonical "reps"
h_avg, h_final, c_final = get_reps(sequence)

Or you can "rep" a bunch of sequences together:

from jax_unirep import get_reps

sequences = ["ASDF", "YJKAL", "QQLAMEHALQP"]

# h_avg is the canonical "reps"
h_avg, h_final, c_final= get_reps(sequences)
# each of the arrays will be of shape (len(sequences), 1900),
# with the correct order of sequences preserved

Canonically, you would use h_avg as the "reps".